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Spyware is malicious software installed in your system. It can cause damage to your computer or can be used by hackers or other cybercriminals in order to capture your private information such as credit card numbers, passwords, and more. SpywareBlaster is a free tool that lets you protect your system against those malicious programs. After installing and running the application, for the first time, you only need to select the web browser you are using and enable the protection status. The program also lets you choose whether to activate or disable the ActiveX and cookie protection, and also, to customize the blocked sites list for each browser.

Another interesting option is the System Snapshot, which sets a restoring point to which you can return your system it has been attacked by viruses or other malware.

The system runs a tutorial at startup, which is useful to learn how to use the program properly

Please note that the program does not perform a scan to see if your system is already infected with spyware, but only starts guarding it against future attacks.

Although the program is free, you can upgrade it by scheduling the automatic updates. This has different rates according to the protection period you choose and the amount of systems you want to protect.

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  • Does not perform a scan to detect if your system is infected with spyware
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